Sacred Heart Convent School, Sarabha Nagar, Ludhiana has a strong Alumni base with our alumni carving a niche for themselves in every field globally. The Alumni Mentorship programme is being initiated with the aim to inspire, inform, guide, encourage and nurture the young Alumni and students thereby making a profound difference in their lives and become a vital part in strengthening the Alumni’s success.

Sacred Heart Convent School Alumni Association is looking to set up its chapters across the globe. We are looking at our distinguished alumni who will formulate and mentor alumni chapter in the cities where we have significant number of alumni.

Idea of this mentorship program is to help alumni to cultivate a network of contacts in the professional community. Through alumni chapters, alumni have the opportunity to engage in meaningful career and personal growth exploration with experienced and knowledgeable seniors. At the same time, alumni have the opportunity to give back meaningfully to their Alma Mater by helping achieve its stated goals. The alumni also have the opportunity to network, interact, exchange ideas, and share experiences.

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